SEO and Website Success Coaching

SEO and Site Design Optimization Will...

  • Help your ideal client find you more easily
  • Make your ideal visitor want YOUR services
  • Help you close the deal
So that you can stop wishing and start selling.


Choose a one-time package or, if you'd like to learn and grow your SEO over time with easy payments, Site Success Coaching is for you! 

I also offer pay-as-you-go custom coaching packages to help fit that all-important SEO comfortably into your schedule and budget.
Contact me to set up a complimentary strategy call so we can design a package just for your needs.
SEO Testing and Report
  • Includes:
  • An initial one hour consult
  • A personalized SEO Success Steps report for you to DIY or give your webmaster
  • My Website Wow Guide, customized for your business. I'll go over your site and make sure your design and layout are doing their job for you! 
  • Get started! Contact me today.
New Website Success Package
  • Includes:
  • An initial one-hour consult
  • My SEO Success Steps customized for you 
  • The Website Wow Guide - know what you need for success before you start!
  • Keyword research and identification
    done for you!
  • Website content (page text) review and keyword suggestions
  • SEO meta tags written for you
    up to 8 pages 
  • Pre-launch evaluation to make sure your website is dressed for success!
  • Get started! Contact me today.
Site Success Coaching
Per month for 4 months
  • Includes:
  • Introductory consult and in-person site evaluation
  • Step-by-step optimization outline
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching
    for every optimization step
  • A private online group with support, tips, and FAQs area
  • Personal email support
  • Pay as you go subscription
  • The coaching course is 4 months. 
    Coaching can be continued month by month if desired for larger websites.
  • Get started! Contact me today.

Personalized SEO services because your business is unique!

If you are a DIYer and need "just the facts" then consider our SEO and site usability testing and report.

If you are starting out with a new website, save yourself time, money, and frustration by getting it done right the first time. Learn more about the New Website Success Package!

Looking for complete one-on-one guidance with loads of support for getting your SEO on your site? Try my coaching program set up to be just enough coaching to fit most any business's budget. I can walk you through optimization step-by-step on Zoom with screen sharing and all the "hand-holding" you need so you can confidently get your site where it should be.

Email today to get started!

Not sure what you need? I can help you with a short success planning consult - free - and with no obligation. We can also customize a package just for you!