Your Website +
Optimization =

Bring in More Visitors with SEO
Convert More Visitors with Targeted Design
Increase Your Income!

Your Website +
Optimization =

Bring in More Visitors with SEO
Convert More Visitors to Clients
Increase Your Income!

Is your website doing all it can for you?
Are you missing opportunities for making more money?
  Get clarity. Bring in visitors and wow them!

From private coaching to DIY online optimization classes...

Services Designed to Boost your Site Success!

SEO & Site Enhancement 
Get more people to find your site on Search Engines. Once people find your site, make sure it convinces them to become your client or customer.
Online SEO Classes
Do-it-Yourself SEO
Get a clear, step-by-step path to great SEO! Learn without tech-speak and with as much help as you choose.  
Optimized Web Design
 Need to start fresh with a website designed to appeal to your target clients with the SEO built-in? Get it all done for you. Budget or Custom choices. 

About Webbability

Hello! I'm Judy Taylor - founder and owner of Webbability - formerly JT Dataworks. I'm a website optimization specialist and SEO strategist. I've been designing, building, and optimizing websites for over 18 years. I've helped hundreds of people improve their websites and find more success in their businesses.

I got hooked on web coding while managing a website for a PR Company and began classes in HTML and design. I started my website business in 2003. I was lucky to have a great mentor who knew what SEO was before anyone was casually tossing that acronym around. Incorporating good SEO into sites rather than as an afterthought was a natural process to me. I began to have a reputation for helping sites do well in Google. More and more business owners came to me to find out two things: how to get their websites to show better up in Google and what it takes to get more site visitors to email or pick up the phone. 

Fast forward to today. Even though SEO is a well-known term and SEO services abound, many small business sites are missing this critical key to good web traffic. More, their websites are not always good at converting visitors into clients.  
My goal is to help my clients understand what they need to achieve online success and then give them a customized plan and the support they need.

Some of the things I can help you with:
SEO and Site Success Evaluations 
Customized website SEO plan and implementation
Non-techie (unless you want it) 1-on-1 coaching for DIYers
Website Testing and Reports
Website design and build - coaching or done-for-you services

Learn what it takes to make your business more successful!

Fun Fact: The name "Webb" is an old Middle English word meaning "weaver" and the source of the words "web" and "website." I like to think of what I do as helping people weave their websites successfully into the internet.

Are you ready for Webbability?

Do you wonder...

...what would happen if more people found your website? And if once they found it they couldn't wait to get started working with you? 

Have you asked yourself questions like...
  • How do I make my website show up higher in Google?
  • Can my site do more to make my business grow?
  • Can I start a successful business from home and stop working at my outside job?

Stop wondering. Get started!

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What my clients say...
"The return on my investment was evident within the first two weeks."

– Denise M
The result is spectacular... and it began to generate bankable business immediately..”

– Janice B
THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I WONDERED why puppy classes were so busy!.”

– Joanna M

"SEO is not something you do on the side.  It's what happens when you build and grow your site right."

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