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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What if your site brought you just one more client every week?

What if it was 10 clients or 100?

SEO will steadily, over time, result in more clients, income, and success! It’s one of the best investments you can make in your business. The question is not if you can afford SEO. It’s can you afford not to? 

Don’t wait, get started on your optimization path today!

Choose your plan

Pick private coaching or The Webbabiliy Connection Membership!

SEO Coaching

$ 165
  • If your optimization is nowhere or you aren't even sure what SEO is, the SEO Coach is for you! a step by step path to an optimized site with all the virtual hand-holding you need.
  • Custom SEO Path
  • 1 to 1.5 hour sessions based on what you need, not what the clock says.
  • Coaching Portal
  • Personal Site Assessment and SEO Audit
  • Hands-on help with WordPress SEO
  • Tools and guides
  • Start and stop anytime (subject to available openings)

Who’s it for?

Private Coaching is for people who need a little extra help with SEO. The SEO coach (that’s me!) can assist in one of two ways:

  1. Learn to optimize your WordPress site yourself with private Zoom coaching.
  2. If you have a web designer who can make changes to the website for you, or you DIY with SquareSpace or WIX, I can provide the information and tools needed to help you, or them, get the job done.

The SEO coach provides a full site audit during the performance section to ensure you know exactly what’s going on with your site. It includes keyword sessions to find the best search words for your site, and I also provide a site evaluation for engagement and conversion optimization.

The Webbability Connection Membership

  • Perfect to help your site along the path to success at your own pace and with a reasonable monthly cost.
  • Monthly live learning opportunities
  • Watch replays of learning sessions at your convenience
  • Weekly workshops and office hours for live help in a group zoom setting
  • Private Membership Hub
  • Community right there in your hub!
  • SEO news and updates area
  • Website design cues, conversion tips and more

Who’s it for?

The Webbability Connection will help you learn how to optimize your site for success in an affordable and supportive group environment.

Besides learning in Zoom sessions, your membership hub will allow you to watch replays, hang out and chat with others, ask questions, share wins, get up-to-date SEO news, and enjoy free materials to help you on your site success journey. 

The Webbability Connection will open once a year to new members. If you want to join the waiting list for the next launch, please contact me and mark the “Webbability Connection” choice in the contact form.

Not sure what plan is best for you?

Contact me to set up a free, no-obligation zoom (or phone) discovery chat and learn more about your SEO plan options!