SEO - Site Optimization

What if your site brought you just one more client every week?

What if it was 10 clients or 100?

SEO will steadily, over time, result in more clients, income, and success! It’s one of the best investments you can make in your business. The question is not if you can afford SEO. It’s can you afford not to? 

Don’t wait, get started on your optimization path today!

Choose your plan

Pick the guided DIY SEO program or private coaching with extra support!

Just need a consult for advice or a website tune-up? Get an “Ask SEO” 1-hour consult.

SEO connection

$ 39
  • Guided SEO Path
  • Monthly LIVE Zoom webinar and QAs (small group)
  • Monthly goals and optional quick wins!
  • Tools and guides
  • Instructional videos
  • Free community
  • Weekly Open Office hours for questions and help

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Who’s it for?

If you’re a DIYer this will give you the tools and steps needed for an optimized site while demystifying the technical points.

This is for you if you have WordPress, or another CMS like Squarespace or WIX and are comfortable making changes to your website, -or- you have a web professional who can do website updates for you.

You’ll get step-by-step guidance and supporting materials in your membership portal plus monthly live small group sessions to delve into that month’s main topic and set goals that match your needs – plus QAs at the end.

And if you have extra questions, visit a weekly office hour session, or submit them to the group QA forum.

Take charge of your website and control your online destiny!

The SEO Coach

$ 375
Per Month
  • Custom SEO Path
  • 2 hrs coaching per month
  • Private Portal
  • Personal Site Assessment and SEO Audit
  • Hands-on help with WordPress SEO
  • Monthly goal planning
  • SEO monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Tools and guides
  • Instructional videos
  • Start and stop anytime (subject to available openings)

Who’s it for?

Private Coaching is for people who want one-on-one  help with SEO. The SEO coach (that’s me!) can assist in one of two ways:

  1. Learn to optimize your WordPress site yourself with private Zoom coaching.
  2. If you have a web designer who can make changes to the website for you, I can provide the information and tools needed to help them get the job done.

Even better, The SEO coach provides a full site report during the performance section, and will continue to provide a monthly report on your progress for every month you coach with me.

Ask SEO - hourly consulting

$ 145
  • If your site is already on the right path, but you have questions or just need a little help, try the Ask SEO consult. It's ideal for:
  • Keyword target consults
  • SEO check-ups
  • Google Analytics consults
  • User Experience assessments
  • Getting any of your SEO questions answered!

Not sure what plan is best for you?

Contact me to set up a free, no-obligation zoom (or phone) discovery chat and learn more about your SEO plan options!