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Pooch Parenting

Hi Michelle!

coaching notes and progress items

August 10th Notes

Great session; thank you, Michelle!

Today we talked about the following:

Your services and the fact it divides your ideal visitors into two sub-groups. Looking at your site just now, it is clear your home page leans toward messaging for parents. Your Dog Pro page can be considered your “home” page for those products/services. Both pages could use a strong keyword focus and good on-page SEO – several elements are missing or not-optimized – so we focused on some initial keyword mining today.

I sent you an editor-level Google Sheets link to the spreadsheet of all our searches earlier today. There is also a link below our notes in the resources area.

Once you have identified the best keywords, we can weave them into your site content.

You mentioned adding a footer menu.
I’m happy to help you set up a site-wide menu for a coaching session. It should be pretty quick to do.

Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console
It sounds like you may already have these, but if not, I recommend you get them set up.

I used the “GA Google Analytics” plugin to add GA to my site – to find a quick and easy way for non-code clients to do the same. Google Console offers multiple ways of verifying your site and ensuring you are also signed up for that. If you need any help with either, I’d be delighted to walk you through.

Social Media
We discussed using links from social media to your site content to boost your site visits, share links, and social signals for better Google rank.

We also talked about using a lead magnet item or items –  not to collect emails, – but to encourage internal links through shares.

Content Building
We briefly discussed adding content based on keyword research and long-form content to build authority. 

We also talked bout how to use transcripts to make your podcast pages more inclusive for readers (and search engines so they can index the copy.) 

Also, ‘on topic’ QAs on any page to attract question formatted searches, answer questions your Ideal visitors are asking and help build authority in SEs.

A quick side note…
I do like your call-to-action buttons! Just one thought… I do think the white text on the light green could use more contrast. I found myself squinting to read, which is a sure sign it wouldn’t pass an accessibility test. I’d suggest you assess all content and make certain text is easily readable by upsizing fonts or making them bolder and ensuring your text is either fairly dark on white or light or white on a darker background. These reverse areas are a bit harder to read for most people but are OK for smaller text areas, like buttons. 

Up Next!
Let me know if you have any questions about what we discussed today. Quick emails or even a mini Zoom is included with coaching to ensure you can progress between sessions.

Let me know if you want to move forward with more KW research or an in-depth on-page website evaluation.

Coaching also includes a complimentary Site Audit in pdf format. We can do this at any time in the progression. I usually recommend doing keywording and on-page SEO first, but if you want to start addressing items in the audit, let me know.

You can use the link above to self-book a coaching session and mention what you’d like to cover in the notes section of the booking form.

Thank you, Michelle!


Link to the initial keyword spreadsheet on Google sheets

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